Blogging basics: Best way to start a WordPress blog

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Blogging basics: Best way to start a WordPress blog

Once the technical aspect is clear, blogging is one of the most fun things to do on the internet.

In the time of today, the internet has become the most essential platform for professionals all around the globe. To expand a business by networking, blogging about the content of one’s work has become vital.

Luckily, creating a blog of interest is cheaper and easier than ever before and can even help the bloggers to earn money in the long term.

This article is mainly for beginners who are new to the world of blogging and do not wish to overwhelm themselves with a stack of information provided by the internet. Whether you want to start blogging for free or want to invest your time and money in creating a blog, please make sure to go through this content until the end for that ‘right start’.

Creating a successful blog doesn’t happen in a few days, so let’s take one step at a time. I have been through many web pages that teach the technicality of starting a blog (which is indispensable), but fail to help the reader establish a mindset before starting. So let’s go through some important questions that help you create a framework of the blog you want to create:

What topic am I going to start writing on?

Taking the first step or writing the first line is probably the biggest hurdle for many. However, let me help you with these initial problems. As a matter of fact, the content that you write on has to be something of use to the reader. But above all, it should be the topic of your interest. Finding the niche (as the term goes) is the first step.

There are various topics like fitness, parenting, gardening or finance on which you can start blogging depending on your interest.

We know there are many blogs on the same topic, so how can you stand out?

You can stand out by finding a small block to write on in the big stream. For example, you want to start a blog on ‘YOGA and MEDITATION’. For that, instead of blogging on the general concepts of Yoga if you blog on the ‘Ashtanga yoga’, you get yourself a niche that can create a monopoly for your blog. The lesser the topic has been discussed in on the net, the better it will prove to attract readers.

Will, I start with free blogging or should I pay a small sum in the beginning for a more successful blog?

This completely depends on your goal. If you are a freelance writer who only wants to spread words, go with the freeways to blog in WordPress. Provided that your aim is to be the boss of your writing to enhance your business, paying a small sum of money to start can be an ideal choice.

Do I wish to make my blog a source of income?

First of all, choosing the right topic is the key. Your blog can become a good source of income with quality content and good Google Ranking.

Which blogging platform and hosting company should I go for?

WordPress is the best open source website creation tool in town (comprising 30% data on the internet) and hence is the most preferred tool by major bloggers. As suggested by WordPress itself, Bluehost can be the best web hosting company to go for

. In simpler terms, if blogging is like building a house, Bluehost is the land you build it on. So choosing the best land ensures that your website is safe and resourceful in the internet. through our research, we have also found out that SiteGround is another great web hosting company.

You can access them through: 

BlueHoiost SiteGround

Now let’s start the actual steps of creating a blog. I would subcategorize the process of creating blog as:

1.Creating a blog for free

2.Creating a self-hosted blog

1.Creating a blog for free:

The only advantage of blogging for free is that you obviously don’t have to pay for the expense of domain and hosting. The bigger disadvantages include:

  • First of all, the space provided is about 3 GB only.
  • You don’t own the website completely as it’s not hosted in your expense.
  • Also its not possible to access all the  free plug-ins and themes.

So, if you are keen on blogging casually, free blogging is a good option to speak your mind. The steps include:

  1. Check in for free blog hosting sites: The link I used for the same was:

Depending on the site you choose, you proceed to create the blog. I will be using WordPress for the same.

To begin with, WordPress to create a blog, follow the steps as:

Begin by filling some information.
Write the name of your site and what will it be about.
Address to blog.
Give an address to the blog.
Pick a plan of your choice.
Pick a plan for your choice.
blogging starts.

After this, you customize your profile and select a theme of your desire. The blog’s interface and posts can be added by clicking on ‘Blog Post’ option. Have fun with your blog!

2.Creating a self-hosted blog

Making free blog is easy but doesn’t hold advantages in the future. If you are interested in claiming your writing and earning money from your work, its always good to self-host your blog. The cost of hosting per year is basically equivalent to a cup of coffee i.e. $3 or less depending on the hosting company you choose. Domain name can be bought at a fair price too. Buying a theme is a one time job that costs around $25-$40, depending upon the type of theme you wish. This article provides you with necessary the information you need to know when buying  a theme.

For creating a self- hosted blog, a web hosting company is used to set a unique domain name. This domain name acts as an address for your blog. The procedure for the same varies in accordance to the web hosting company chosen.

To summarize, the major steps includes:

  • Hosting setup
  • Install WordPress
  • Configure WordPress
  • Configure Theme

Here, I will list ways of creating a self-hosted blog through WordPress by using bluehost as a web hosting company:

  • First, on the bluehost home page, three plans have been discussed among with you select a plan depending upon your need.
  • Second, Select a unique domain name. Make sure that the domain name is professional, short and easy to remember.
  • Once the domain name is fixed, you reach the sign up page where you have to fill information like account information, package information and billing information
  • Then a list of Upgrades becomes available which you can choose as per your need. Remember that you can add the upgrades at any stage of your contract.
  • Then next step is to place the order by clicking on ‘Complete’ option. An email will be sent to confirm your order.
  • Now the purchase is successful and the next step is to create a password by clicking on ‘Create your password’
  • Then a list of rules has been assigned which has to be followed to set a password.
  • An Upgrade option pops up again and you will then be welcomed to bluehost page where you can start a blog in WordPress.

Now it’s safe to assume that you have bought the land to create your blog in the internet. The next step is to install WordPress.

  • Installing WordPress is easy through bluehost. Follow a series of easy steps by clicking on ‘Install WordPress’ option on the website
  • You then reach a page to install WordPress. Press ‘Install’ option.
  • Select the Domain you wish to install with.
  • In the last step, you can add site name or Title by clicking on the advanced option.
  • Then enter your admin username (email address) and password.
  • The next step is to press on ‘Install now’.
  • Once the install is complete, you can view your Credentials by clicking on ‘View Credentials’
  • Then credential option takes us to a page containing URL and Admin URL. Click the URL option to open a new tab.
  • Then type the username and password to Log in. This window can be accessed directed by the link: domainname/wp-login.php (domain name being the domain you bought)
  • Now that you have logged into your WordPress to start with configuration. Dashboard page will appear with many options. Click on Plugin to configure settings. You can delete the plugins like Hello Dolly, Jetpack by and MOJO Marketplace.
  • In addition, deleting some plugins loads the website sooner.

Now that you have Installed WordPress, THE FUN STARTS NOW!

  • First, add a page to the website by clicking on ‘Page’ option and clicking on ‘Add New’.
  • Then type in a title (like ABOUT ME) and write something on it for content in the editing interface. Add other pages like ‘CONTACT’ OR ‘RESOURCES’.
  • Start to write posts on the page by clicking on ‘Post’ Add title and content.
  • Now, the best thing to do would be to select a theme for your on the ‘Appearance’ icon and press ’theme’ option.
  •  Customization of the web page is possible on the basis of the theme you select. Under those circumstances, SEO optimized theme would be a professional choice. Visit this article for selecting the best SEO friendly theme.
  • Now you can add a Logo to your page, add social media links and do many more all depending upon the themes that you choose.
  • Widgets are cool ways to create sidebars which makes your page more interactive.

Everest themes is a competent and dedicated team of web developers providing awesome themes at an affordable price. To get a 25% discount on the Viable theme of Everest themes, use the coupon code “iamblogger” by clicking here.

Another theme provider is themebeez,  whose Royale News Theme can be accessed at a 25% discount by using the coupon code “everest25” by clicking here.

This page includes all the basic information to start blogging. With this information, your actual research can start as you are now clear with the basic idea.

There are various ways to make your blog a major hit in 2018. An initial success on blogging is possible by a through research on the topic of interest. Keep updating your blog once the above technicality is over. So enjoy blogging!!


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