How to Start an Event Management Portal Website with a Light-Weight Plugin WP Event Manager?

How to Start an Event Management Portal Website with a Light-Weight Plugin WP Event Manager?

WordPress Plugins are an important part of your site. It might be impossible to build a WordPress website without plugins. It has the capability to customize your website in a way you wants and makes it an attractive and powerful website. For any powerful WordPress website, you just need powerful plugins which offer multiple features.

Addons of WP Event Manager

You can get thousands of plugins from WordPress directories but you might get confused to choose the best one. So today we came with an attractive and elegant plugin “WP Event Manager” which offers you a better service. So let’s get started.

WP Event Manager is an open source and lightweight plugin which is not only easy to use but also manage your event very well. WP Event Manager is scalable and full-featured which add event listing functionality to your WordPress site. It is available in both a free and premium version. The theme has over 7000 downloads which clearly shows its popularity. With its amazing performance, it is able to acquire 5 out of 5 stars. I assure you will finish with a stunning website by using WP Event Manager Plugin.

Main features

Let’s explore several elegant features of WP Event Manager so that you can make your decision more strong for choosing this plugin for your upcoming website.

Event Management Portal
Features of WP Event Manager

Multilingual and RTL Support

The theme is integrated with Multilanguage support which helps you to translate your event listing sites in any language you want. It even allows its user to add furthermore additional language to their site.

Responsive Design

WP Event Manager is developed with a responsive design which automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution. Websites created with this plugin can easily detect any size of the visitor’s screen. The page layout will automatically change according to the screen from which visitor is visiting your site. It is another awesome feature of this WordPress plugin which makes your website different from others and gives an elegant appearance. 

Easy Code

WP Event Manager provides a friendly environment to the user as it is created with clean and clear codes. The plugin has a well-managed development base with easy to use documentation. So no one will feel any difficulties regarding to its code and features.

Social Sharing

Social media has become part of our life. Isn’t it? While you are using Facebook, Instagram or any other and you notice something interesting or eye-catching you suddenly share it on the timeline or post it. Like that WP Event Manager, Plugin allows you to share the events in social media. Isn’t it cool and awesome?

Cross Browser Support

WP Event Manager has support from several cross-browser. This plugin is tested clearly and well-attuned with all primary browsers. They are also compliant with the primary web standards. Some of its compatible browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

SEO Optimization

SEO means Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website in web search engine. The number of visitors leads to the top rank in the search engine. WP Event Manager presents your website with advanced feature and outstanding look which will be liked by almost all user. Hence the number of users will attract to your website and as a result, you will able to maintain top rank in the search engine.

Event Shortcodes

WP Event Manager offers some shortcode to show event details, page and for another purpose. You can perform all the tasks with a single code. Some of the Shortcodes of these plugins are:

  1. Event Submission Form
  2. The single Event Listing
  3. The Event Dashboard
  4. The Event Summary
  5. The Event Listing

Well Detailed Documentation

Event Management Portal

Even you are the beginners, if proper guidance is provided to you, you can deal with anything, isn’t it? And this WP Event Manager is available with proper detailed documentation. Even you are new in the field and do not have any idea how to download, install or use this plugin for developing a website, you can go through its documentation. Its documentation is available in written as well as video format. Choose the one which is helpful and understandable to you and start with your website.


Last but not least, this plugin provides you full dedicated support with high priority. Whenever you are getting any trouble regarding this plugin, you can send a message to its team. An outstanding team is always available for your support. Its support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and any bug fixes that may arise.

If you want some more additional features for your website then you don’t have to search for another one, you can simply upgrade your theme for the premium version.  Here is the reason why it’s premium version is better than WP Event Manager.

  • Display an event calendar for listing upcoming events
  • Enables proximity search on your website
  • Create alerts for saved events
  • Owl carousel and another type of sliders are available
  • Google analytic tracking code is added

How to Activate WP Event Manager?

  • Download the plugins from its site
  • Go to plugins on your dashboard
  • Click on “Add New” button
  • Search “WP Event Manager” and click on activate
  • Click on continue to page setup
  • Click on “Create selected pages”

Once you activate the plugin, you can add your event for your website very easily. Let’s discuss how to add an event in your website with WP Event Manager.

  • At the top of the event page, add an event title.
  • Write details about the event below in the visual editor section.
  • Add event data like title, time, price, link, logo, deadline and so on.
  • Add and edit Metadata from the custom field.
  • Add single or multiple event types and categories in the right sidebar.
  • Click on “Publish” to make it live.

WP Event Manager manages several events for your website in a well-managed way. Some of them are listed below:

  • Speed dating event
  • Helping people to find local job fairs in the respective area
  • Holding an event with fellow classic car owners
  • School board calendar
  • Visual art performance in your business
  • Conference by a speaker on tour

Besides these all, WP Event Manager offers some additional features which are listed below:

  • Various amazing Template tags
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Cross-browser support like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and many others.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Provides amazing browsing experience
  • Live preview customization
  • Free to associate your event with email.
  • High priority and dedicated support.
  • Speed dating event


Finally, we did with the features and installation process of WP Event Manager Plugin. This article covers almost everything about this plugin. We hope that this will be very useful for you for creating your event managing website. WP Event Manager Plugin is really an outstanding them which is created with elegant features. I assure you will not be disappointed with its service.

If you are getting any troubles, let us know about it. You can comment on your queries in our comment box. We heartily accept all of those and try to answer it all as soon as possible. Keep visiting our website for more information about different plugins.

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