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As a reputed IT company, Everest Blog is on a mission to help those who want to put their hands on technical writing of WordPress related blogs. Do you want to play a significant role in our pursuit for excellence?

Would you like to share your passion for writing through the aid of our platform? If so, we’d love to hear from you and your work!

Simply start by writing on your ideas and submit them to us and we will provide it the best platform of our website all in your name!

In order to make sure that we are on the same page, please read our content guidelines before proceeding further. When submitting an article to Everest Blog, follow these simple rules for the convenience of both of us:

  • We accept posts from recognized specialists in a particular field. However, even amateurs are welcome to share their idea with us. But, we are only able to work with regular contributors of articles, who provide at least one article per quarter and want to build credibility and develop their influence over the long-term.
  • The topics that you cover can be related to WordPress Themes, plugins, tips and tricks and advice. Our readers love to read on “how-to” content with precise advice and tips.
  • We prefer timeless articles containing real-world tips.
  • Guest posts must be original and free from plagiarism
  • Posts should be of minimum 1000 words or longer.
  • Any references on the post should be correctly cited.
  • Guest posts should not at all include affiliate or promotional links. Any links on your writing will be approved by Everest Blog before posting.
  • For your good publicity, you will receive a short (50 word or less) bio box with a link back to your website at the end of the article.
  • Everest Blog reserves the rights to include its own links or ads in the submitted writing.
  • We take the full responsibility of selecting a featured image for your post. However, if you want to include relevant personal pictures, please send them via email beforehand for approval.
  • You are required to not expect any compensation for your submissions.
  • You have to agree that you are not a part of the Everest Blog website team.
  • Everest Blog reserves the right to remove any guest post with or without a reason.
  • All guest posts will be edited by Everest Blog staff before posting. We will not be able to provide the article for your review after our edits.
  • Everest Blog reserves the right to reject any article that it feels is not the best fit for the site.

When you apply for guest blogging opportunities with Everest Blog, please email us at [email protected] with the following information:

  • The subject of the email should be written as “Guest Blogging”.
  • Your name and email address.
  • Submit minimum 3 post titles.
  • 2-3 sentence description has to be given of the topic for each post title.
  • Link to your website/blog.
  • Your area of expertise has to be mentioned beforehand.
  • How often you plan on submitting articles has to be mentioned too.
  • We need a conformational word that you have read the terms on this page and agree to them.
  • Submit the complete post only when the title and the subject have been approved.

By submitting a guest post to Everest Blog, you agree that you have read this settlement and agree to be bound by it.