Top 10 Hosting with WordPress provider 2020

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Top 10 Hosting with WordPress provider 2020

Hosting with WordPress comes with fantastic hosting features. Using hosting with WordPress helps us to build a fabulous website with very few steps in a secure manner.

The first thing that comes to your mind, When we think to build a website, is the popularity of your website. As it gets popular the quantity of visitor increase.

With the increase in quantity, you need to increase the quality of the website. The way to present your website is very important. Hosting is the feature that helps you to build your website fabulously.

The best way to make your site fantastic is by using hosting with WordPress. The main thing you need to focus on is choosing the best hosting with WordPress.

When you are a beginner, it is hard to choose the best WordPress hosting provider.

Although there are 100s hosting provider companies like BlueHost, Site Ground and soon.

Building a website is not that tough but, running the website is much more complicated than we think.

You can create and run a website powered with WordPress with less trouble, but the main thing is how many of we have network management skills or can create Nginx files and/or apply operating system upgrades to your servers via SSH.

Every website is stored on computers, all of the computers have memory, a processor, a hard drive, ports, that handle internet traffic, etc. Moreover, they all need to be taken care of at an operating system level.

Why hosting with WordPress

As we take, a step ahead and our site grow. We need to take care of some points, which do matter. To make a visitor feel happy, satisfied and most importantly secure, hosting with WordPress comes with outstanding features like

  • Speed

The most important feature for every online task is speed. The quality and presentation will not matter if the access to the site is slow.

WordPress hosting helps the user to make their site speed and effective. Fast site converts traffic to revenue more effectively and rank higher.

  • Security

The important factor that affects any business no matter it is online or offline, not only business anyway of communication without security is like a monkey without a tail.

When it comes to dealing with the online site we know every second silent army is crawling the web, looking for the site to break into and their nefarious purpose.

They try a thousand of ways to take your personal information. It does not matter if our site is governmental or not we can be hacked at any time if we are not secure.

Hosting with WordPress comes with a strong point that is security.

  • Scalability

With strong motivation and hard work, a time comes when our site reaches to rank and millions of visitors are their following us.

This is the point where the most website fails because they are not able to manage the following.

Nevertheless, we do not need to worry about that and that is only because of WordPress.

  • Support

WordPress is always there for the user to support them no matter what the condition is.

  • Automatic updates and Nightly backups

The first thing that comes in our mind is “how do I backup my site?”
We do not need to worry because we are using hosting with WordPress.

Now, let us get started with the best provider of the best hosting with WordPress.



One of the leading web hosting providers. Bluehost is one of the best hosting with WordPress providers, which offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and many more types of hosting along with domain services.

It is powered by PHP la7, HTTP/2<and NGINX+ caching. It is one of the largest hosting providers, owned by Endurance International Group. Always get a new way to deliver on their mission along with comprehensive tools that help us to enhance our site.

Features of Bluehost

  • Very fast server speeds.
  • 100% compatibility
  • 100/100 for support and assistance
  • Has very impressive and consistent uptime levels

Why I recommend Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best hosting with WordPress providers since 2003, which server their client 24*7. As explained before it offers shared hosting, VPS hosting and many more but the best part is that it offers hosting with WordPress.

The partnership between Bluehost and WordPress helps us to build a website and use hosting with WordPress. The team of Bluehost is always ready for the customer support whenever they have any queries.

Not only that, engineers available for technical support, which takes the features to the next level.



Safe, secure, and automated fully WordPress dedicated hosting with WordPress provider is Wpmudev. A popular hosting with WordPress provider is Wpnudev where the user can manage their website based on WordPress along with plugins.

Features of Wpmudev

  • Feature-rich platform
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Caching, SSL, CDN are free and pre-configured
  • Fast cloud servers with dedicated resources.

Why I recommend Wpmudev

Fantastic feature-rich platform, fully dedicated, managed hosting with WordPress provider is Wpmudev. We can have three different hosting accounts at no extra cost. Help our site to touch the height of the sky with Smup pro and HumminGird.

Outstanding optimization tools are available to facilitate our site. An unlimited number of sites. Any program can be run for any purpose.



A web hosting that provides a vast array of tools, which make our imagination come true, is HostGator. It is one of the best hosting with WordPress. We can find everything like site-building tools and template, a one-click application installer needs to launch a new website.

Features of HostGator

  • Start quickly and easily.
  • One-click installation
  • Provide drag and drop experience.
  • Flexible, easy to use control panel

Why I recommend HostGator

One of the world’s top largest hosting with WordPress providers is HostGator. HostGator hosts more than 10 million domains.

It provides the feature of hosting with WordPress with more different hosting like Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, Magento Hosting, wiki hosting and many more.

HostGator is the hosting provider company, which provides 24*7 services to their customer.

so that we can solve our problem at any time. It is SSL certified. Also, this factor makes the user attractive to use the hosting.



An environment-friendly hosting approach known for implementing its approach is GreenGeeks. It is a fast, secure, and scalable hosting with WordPress.

All of their WordPress plans come with free SSL, in-house/free CDN, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage.

Once we sign in, we have an option from which we can choose from different server locations across the USA, Canada and yes The Netherland.

Migration is free.

Features of GreenGeeks

  • Average speed is 420 ms
  • Environmentally friendly, unlimited email accounts, free site transfers
  • 24*7 supports
  • Average uptime is 99%

Why I recommend GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is fast, secure and scalable hosting with WordPress. Their working style is different from other hosting providers, and they use an environmentally friendly approach to hosting our website.

The company is 247 ready to support their customer. They provide 24*7 facilities of chat, email, and phone support as well as WordPress related tutorials and guides. Their support is quick and accurate.

The speed is unbelievable with 420ms and uptime looks very reliable. The user will always find the hosting interesting and the company will help the user to build a ranking site for us.

5. Kinsta

Kinsta webhosting

A well-managed WordPress hosting provider is kinsta. The company was found in 2013.

Kinsta a hosting with WordPress helps us to take care of all our needs regarding our website. They run their services on cutting-edge technology with a focus on speed, security, and stability and focus on support.

Features of kinsta

  • 100% uptime Reliability.
  • 24*7 support and security.
  • Ultimate speed
  • Powered by the Google cloud platform

Why I recommend Kinsta

While developing a site we always think about the coming days. What will be the future of the site? Nevertheless, to reach the goal we need to work hard and make our website as good as possible.

While working online there are never-ending things like Marketing, Social media, Content generation, hosting and so on to attend. With so much to handle, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are many WordPress manages hosting providers out there.

Among them kinsta is one which is fully managed to hosting providers with ultimate speed and believe me I say it is one of the best option compared to other, it is affordable and offers incredible performance, making it the best value for the money.

6. DreamHost


A well-established, popular hosting with WordPress service provider is DreamHost. It has over 500000 customers. Just like Bluehost and SiteGround DreamHost is also listed as a recommended hosting with WordPress by

It works with the simple goal to be fast, reliable and optimized for us. All their plans offer a WordPress Website Builder, free SSL, and SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth.

Features of DreamHost

  • Super easy to use
  • Full-Featured
  • Fast and reliable
  • 24*7 expert support

Why I recommend DreamHost

It uses a simple approach that helps us to use it without any difficulty. They always focus on the need of the customer. They focus on privacy

. Privacy does matter. 100% uptime guarantee. They provide an open-source. The DreamHost provides the entire feature, which the user wants during hosting with WordPress.

7. InMotion


A managed platform hosting with WordPress is InMotion. It is a fine-tuned to deliver superior performance, security provider and provide the best in class hosting.

The package comes with free website migration and we can easily start a new website with pre WordPress installed. They always provide 24*7 supports to their customers.

Feature of InMotion

  • Managed update
  • Managed security
  • Speed optimized
  • Drag and drop feature with free themes.

Why I recommend InMotion

InMotion is one of the best hosting with WordPress provider, which includes both free and premium themes. They focus on customer satisfaction, which makes them top on the list.

Another attractive factor to choose the InMotion as hosting with WordPress is that they come with the 90 days guarantee. Not only that the speed is just wow factor that attracts the customers.

There are hundreds of factor, which is quite difficult to be explained for recommending the InMotion.



Ipage can also be used for hosting when we are using hosting with WordPress. With the Ipage, we can have our professional domain name, which is free for a whole year

. Not only this unlimited email address can be created in our domain including autoresponders and email forwarding.

Features of Ipage

  • 1000s of free template,
  • Free domain registration
  • It comes with Free SSL certificate and 24*7 support
  • Free drop and drag features with 30day money-back guarantee

Why I recommend Ipage

Ipage is a hosting provider with very fantastic features that we can use to facilitate our website and make our site attractive and demanding. Not only the online store but also can also be used for blogging and set a photo gallery also. Another eye-catching factor is the 30-day money-back guarantee.

This can be explained as if we feel Ipage does not suit our taste within the 30 days we can get our money back without any question. Monitor and track your website’s performance with outstanding analytical tools.

9. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is another fantastic hosting with WordPress option. It is one of the low cost of WordPress hosting. They claim of being 20x faster than other current hosting.

It is one of the fastest shared WordPress hosting providers at 282ms.

However, not as fast as they claim.

And are also highly optimized for WordPress by having SSD storage and Litespeed Cache.

Features of A2

  • 24*7*365 support team available
  • Free account migration
  • 99.9% uptime commitment
  • Easy to use control panel

Why I recommend A2 Hosting

When we have WordPress installed. Therefore we do not need to install any other software to use the A2 Hosting.

WordPress comes with A2 optimized. And comes with pre-configured for the fastest page load speed and most secure settings.

The friendly, experts are 24*7*365 available to serve their customers. They promise that they offer the best hosting with WordPress for the confirmation they will let us try completely risk-free with an anytime money-back guarantee which s enough to attract any of us.

10. FlyWheel


Here comes the FlyWheel, which is rich in features hosting with WordPress. They provide the fast speed, solid performance, and support which makes the user crazy about it.

Every user will enjoy the hosting with WordPress using the FlyWheel. They provide free migration, auto backups, and automatic WordPress updates.

Features of FlyWheel

  • Less download time
  • Create a free demo WordPress website
  • Powers by the Google cloud platform
  • More resources for our website.

Why I recommend FlyWheel

The FlyWheel enterprise hosting offers a next-generation infrastructure with instant traffic scaling and enterprise-grade security. The managed updates mean that we never have to worry about the security vulnerabilities or missing the best plugin updates.

A powerful WordPress platform removes all the hassles of hosting, streamlines our processes.

They provide a friendly environment that helps us and also motivate us to use the hosting with WordPress the experts are always available for the client via chat at any time day or night this exciting which has attracted me to use the flywheel to use as hosting with WordPress.


Here the list of the best hosting with WordPress has been completed. From the description above, I came to know that all the hosting with WordPress provider is awesome in their way.

Every company is trying its best to overcome others. The main thing to choose the one is only our taste I mean the one, which suits our demand.

I hope the above information will help you and you will keep on visiting us for more such content. I will try my best to answer your all Queries. Thank you! Have a good day.


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