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[Solved] Widget area  


Sheik Ahamath
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05/12/2019 12:55 am  

I have two issues/concerns:

1)When selecting a widget in widget area e.g. banner widget for banner widget area, we are presented with options for categories which when selected will show only the content related to the categories.

E.g. When you add banner Widget No.1 to Banner Widget area you get options for choosing different categories. But if I want only the latest posts to appear and not specific categories, how can I do this? Can you please provide a CSS code so that only the latest posts will show via this widget?

2) I am using Everest News Pro as the theme for two of my websites. However, when I compared  widget areas in the two themes, one of the widget areas ( has a header advertisement area while the theme for the other website ( does not have a header advertisement area. Please let me know how this can be changed