Quick View

Introducing the ET Woo Quick View plugin to enhance your WooCommerce store’s user experience. With this plugin, your customers can preview product details without the hassle of opening separate product pages. The goal is to make shopping easier, and the plugin offers straightforward features to achieve that.


The Quick View for WooCommerce plugin simplifies how customers explore your products. It lets users quickly view product summaries in a pop-up window without leaving the main shop page. This feature works seamlessly on both big-screen and mobile devices. Customers can easily preview product details without going to a separate page.


Customization: Customize fonts, colors, padding, backgrounds, and icons to match your store’s style.

Quick View Trigger Management:

Flexible Positioning: Easily change where the quick view trigger appears on your store.

General Settings: Configure basic plugin settings.

Edit Labels: Change the labels of the triggers.

Navigation Option: Add a button in the Quick View to go to the full product page.

Mobile Responsiveness: Optionally disable Quick View on mobile screens.

Button Styling: Customize the appearance of view detail and add to cart buttons.

Element Control: Select which elements to show in the Quick View.

Container Styling: Customize the style of the Quick View container.

Icon Selection: Choose from a list of icons for buttons.

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