Alternative way to import Gucherry Blog Demo

Note: This is an alternative way to Clone the Demo site. If you have any real content/images then do not follow this method. 

Step 1:  Download the entire demo file. Click here to Download

Step 2: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard 

Step 3: Navigate to Plugin Menu 


Step 4: Add a new plugin Everest Backup and activate this plugin



Step 5: In your WordPress Dashboard Navigate to Everest Backup –> Restore Menu 



Step 6: Upload the files that you have downloaded in step 1

Step7: Once the file is uploaded, Click on Restore Menu. 



Step8: That’s all, you have successfully cloned the demo site. 

Now you can log in to your WordPress Dashboard with these login credentials

Username: admin

Password: Demo@password

Thank you.

As this is an exact clone of our demo site. you need to change your email address, site title, and other information as per your needs.













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