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Features of WordPress Themes Every Developer Must Know! - EverestThemes - Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes and Plugin

Features of WordPress Themes Every Developer Must Know!


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WordPress has undoubtedly made the process of web development more comfortable and quicker, and its numerous beneficial features have enabled even people with limited technical knowledge to build and manage websites.

The platform attracts new users as well as existing owners who want to convert the current website to WordPress to enjoy the conveniences of the framework.

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Themes are one of the most advantageous features of the CMS, which have made it easier to create and design an interface.

Some key features of WordPress themes that must be checked by developers before choosing one for building a website are being presented here.

Cost Of The WordPress Theme

WordPress offers free as well as premium themes, and the budget of the project will help in identifying some suitable ones from which the most appropriate can be selected.

Contrary to popular belief, it is wrong that free themes do not possess many functionalities, but they may be limited in offering customization options to users.

Paid themes have unlimited personalization options in addition to other facilities such as after-sales support and regular updates.

Custom theme development is a costly affair suitable for large scale projects and initiatives; it will be sensible to use an existing theme with flexible options for building an interface.

Responsive And Mobile Friendly Nature

The selected theme must be responsive and mobile-friendly as website traffic these days is not limited to computers and is coming from a variety of handheld devices with varying screen sizes.

To provide each guest with satisfying and wholesome user experience, irrespective of the device being used, the website must be optimized for viewing for all screen sizes.

Moreover, all the critical features of the interface must be accessible and run smoothly on all devices.

Another factor that makes checking the responsiveness of a theme necessary is that search engines are also looking at mobile-friendliness as a criterion for ranking websites in search results.

Availability Of Customization Options

The options for customization available in a theme also affect the final theme selection as these features are required for imparting a unique look to the interface as well as for conducting any modifications in the future.

It will be pertinent to analyze all the facilities provided for personalization to gauge the ease with which any styling changes like modifying the typography or color scheme of the website can be performed before choosing a theme for web development.

Altering theme elements is also possible through code modification, but having preset options for doing so will help complete the process quickly.

Options For Page Styling

Page styling is one of the most crucial aspects that are vital not only for creating an attractive interface but also for communicating the marketing strategy of the organization for which the website is being created.

A website consists of various pages, all of which require to be optimized for the purpose for which they have been created, like generating contact information, e-commerce, review comments, or blogs.

It is, therefore, necessary that a theme that offers multiple options for page styling is chosen so that the transitioning from one page to the other for any user is seamless.

Auto Update and Support Facility

One of the essential features of WordPress themes that must be evaluated before choosing one is the facility for support and future upgrades.

Most professional themes come with auto-update features, and details can be found in their documentation about the process of notification and installation of upgrades.

Paid themes offer customer support for resolution of any problems or issues related to any aspect of the template, and a lot of famous free theme developers also provide help through support forums.

SEO Friendliness Of The Theme

The primary objective behind investing in having a presence in the virtual world for any individual or organization is to reach the maximum number of people for popularizing a business or furthering a cause.

Having a website that is easily discovered and indexed by search engines is therefore mandatory, which makes it necessary to look for the level of SEO friendliness of a theme before selecting one.

Check for some specific features like website readability by search engines, website speed, and compatibility with SEO plugins as all these factors affect the visibility of a virtual interface.

Social Media Integration Options

Social media has emerged as a perfect avenue for increasing engagement with users and connecting with them, which makes it necessary to have an interface that has the capability for integration of all major social networks.

Most new themes have inbuilt facilities for the incorporation of popular networks saving the user the trouble of installing a plugin for the purpose, and choosing one with such features will be helpful.

Wrapping Up

WordPress offers a wide array of themes, paid as well as free, which can be used for web development.

Developers need to possess knowledge about all the crucial features of WordPress themes to select the most appropriate one for a project.