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How to Develop a Blog on WordPress?


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Curious about “How to develop a blog on WordPress”. Let’s dig in know a few of the details that are required.

These days, everyone seems to read blogs or watch videos on YouTube. Running your own blog, however, is not an easy task that requires creative thinking and self-discipline, responsibility, and analytical skills.

In this article, you’ll find out how to make your blog interesting and user-friendly. We’ll be talking about a WordPress blog, but most of the tips will work for blogs on other platforms as well.

1. Create interesting and original material.

The success of any blog lies in the material that the author fills it with. People like to read about many things like cooking, books, fashion, and so on! If you want your blog to become popular, you must regularly create interesting and high-quality articles with useful content for your readers. In other words, you need to focus not only on what is interesting to you but also on what may be of interest to your target audience, to those people whom you want to attract to your site. Writing reviews is in high demand now as many people search for feedbacks online before buying anything. So you could easily set up a blog and post your ideas covering different products or even businesses, e.g. review.

2. Post new content regularly.

Another key to success is regularity and planning. The appearance of new records will stimulate both regular users and search robots to visit you. Fresh material is an indicator of the relevance of information, “liveliness” of your blog.

Suitable plugins: Auto Post Scheduler, Auto Future Date, Publish to Schedule.

3. Create user-friendly navigation.

To interest the user, it is important not only that he visits the site but also that he is carried away by the topic of your blog. Therefore, I recommend using inter-linking in articles: provide links to one or more other articles that are relevant by topic (or keywords). You can do this either manually or using WordPress plugins. Pay attention to the so-called “bread crumbs” – this type of navigation will increase visitor loyalty, as well as improve your position in search results. Finally, do not forget about tags – be sure to assign them to your posts to make it easier for readers to find material on a topic of interest. Also, tags are used to select articles with similar topics.

Suitable plugins: WordPress Related Posts, Breadcrumb Navigation XT, Seo Smart Links, Yet another related post plugin, Simple Tags.

4. Respond to comments.

As a blog creator, you most likely want to get some kind of feedback on the material you post. Likewise, your readers want to see that their comments and their opinions receive a certain amount of attention. By responding to comments and engaging your users in the conversation, you can create a certain emotional connection that positively affects the traffic and popularity of your blog. In fact, any emotions cause a certain emotional connection to you or your blog – and this fact is often used in advertising campaigns – but you need to avoid shocking the public too often.

In conclusion, start writing and creating! Many people start blogging for themselves but then feel the urge to make their blog popular and visit. Someone needs to get feedback from readers. Others want to make themselves a more recognizable person on the Internet space. Finally, a significant part of users wants to monetize their blog, that is, something beneficial and pleasant: to make a blog one of the ways to make money (and often the main one). What kind of blog are you going to create?

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