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How to Add Google AdSense to Your Website? - EverestThemes - Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes and Plugin

How to Add Google AdSense to Your Website?


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Making money from websites is a trade well known to many. Apart from active blogging, there is this way of making a little extra money by just setting up an account and letting an advertiser aggregator platform pay you for showcasing their ads on your website.

We are talking about the Google AdSense program. The AdSense program allows bloggers and website owners to make money by displaying Google ads.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can try to earn some advertisement money from your website as well.

All you would need to do is spend a few minutes setting up the program and this will help your website/blog monetize this opportunity, once your account gets approved.

Well, Google Adsense is easy to get started with. If you are a WordPress website/blog owner, making money with AdSense is even easier for you since the setup is easy.

Once you set it up, the program will start displaying targeted ads to your website visitors, helping you make money in the process.

So, how do you exactly set up a Google AdSense account for your own WordPress website? This blog post will explore just that for you.

Before, we jump into the procedure, here is a little information on the Google AdSense model and how it works.

About Google AdSense

This program is run by Google and it allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements.

These ads are then targeted to site content and the audience of several websites that earn through the model.

If you are curious about the working of this program, here is a little information on that. The Google AdSense program runs on the Cost-per-click ads (CPC) model.

Once your account is approved, the program will crawl through your site’s content to assess the type of advertisement that can be put up on your website.

Once they are done, they will put up related Ads (the ones that appear to be of interest similar to that of your site visitors.

Every Time a user clicks on the targeted ad displayed on your website, the algorithm calculates the payout.

However, the pay per click on these Ads might vary depending on the advertiser. Out of the money stipulated for these Ads, Google collects the payment from the advertiser and takes a small percentage of the money as their fee.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about the collection.

It is definitely very easy to monetize the opportunity with Google AdSense if you planning to start a website with WordPress.

You will be required to follow the AdSense practices in order to keep operating within the spectrum of the code of conduct.

Before making the move, make sure that you check out the best practices through the link above.

Additionally, there are a few things that you need to do if you want to stay aligned with the Google policies for smoothly running an AdSense account.

Firstly, your website should offer a great User-experience to its site visitors so that they remain interested in visiting your website again. To do that, your website must load quickly as soon as the access request is made.

Your site must keep offering good and valuable content to keep getting high-paying Ads.

Make sure that you abide by the right blogging guide to keeping doing so. It is equally important to keep the audience engaged.

Adding Google AdSense to your WordPress Site

To simply put up, you just need to insert a small code snippet on your site, and Google will do the rest to set up your WordPress site’s Google AdSense account.

However, there is a whole lot of procedure and approval behind that. Now, let’s see how you can actually set up a Google AdSense account for your own WordPress website.

1. Create a Google AdSense Account by signing up for it.

Once you click on the ‘Sign up’ link, you will be required to fill in the following form.

Once you fill in the fields with the necessary information, click on ‘Save and Continue

2. Next up, you will have to go through their terms and conditions and provide your consent for the agreement.

Once your account has been created, you will be then required to wait for the time your account is under review.

This waiting period can extend from 8 hours of up to a day.

For your website to get approved for the Google AdSense program, it must meet certain AdSense program policies or their terms and conditions.

If your website account for AdSense gets approved, you will be allowed to visit your site’s Google AdSense Dashboard where you will be able to find an Ad Code.

This is the step where you prepare for creating a new ‘Ad Unit’ for letting advertisers know that your website is ready to start displaying Ads.

These Ad Units specify the type of Ads, their dimensions, etc. So, start creating an Ad after selecting an Ad Type.

Once you have chosen the Ad Type, you will be required to determine the Ad Size which will be about the dimensions of the Ads that are permitted to display on your website.

It is highly recommended that you choose the dimension 336×280 and 300×250 since they show up well on most screens and they probably pay well.

Next up, select the appropriate Ad Style for these Ads and specify the color scheme, the border, the text, font family, etc.

Now, there are certain features that will help you better track the performance of these Ads on your website such as the custom channels feature.

You can also decide what you want the Ad space to do if an appropriate Ad isn’t available for display.

This means that you can also display your Ads if a suitable Ad is not available.

The other option is that you can let the space as it is.

Click on the ‘Save and get code button’ to save all the chosen settings.

Eventually, your new Ad unit will be successfully created and a Code will be displayed. Copy this ad code and keep it in your access.

Now, that you have the code, you will be required to connect your AdSense account to your WordPress website so that your website can start displaying Ads. To do so:

Just log in to the dashboard of your WordPress website by entering the login credentials. Go to Appearance > Widgets and Custom HTML widget.

Drag-and-drop it into your widget area. In one of the earlier steps, you were asked to keep the Ad code copied. Now, paste that code into the Custom HTML Widget.

Once pasted, click on Save and then, Done. Wait for a little while and the targeted Ads will start appearing on your website.

Wrapping Up

Earning some extra money through the Google AdSense program is a great way to stay focused on your site’s growth.

This program has helped people not only earn extra money but has definitely led them into keeping their websites running fast and maintaining the quality content on it.

Just make sure that you don’t resort to wrong practices in order to increase the number of clicks on the Ads on your website.

You might get penalized or banned for that.

For the rest of it, just keep following the right practices and your Google AdSense account will keep running smoothly through your WordPress website.